I AM YOUR WIFE! (eckerlilas) wrote,

This just in...

My computer is broken again. I already had one of it's two hard drives removed & had to lose most of my music & reformat the 2nd hard drive within the last 6 months. NOW, the other hard drive seems to be failing as well. I'm in the middle of a hard drive/system check, where it will attempt to self-repair, if possible. If not, I will have to take it in to the Geeks again. I have a feeling I'm going to need to buy a new hard drive....which is cheaper than a new computer, I know. But DAMMIT, I don't have any money, okay. This is the 2nd 500GB hard drive to have problems in this computer. What is the effing deal?

I am typing this entry on my mom's tiny laptop she bought from Verizon. NGL, I like it. I mean, it has no CD/DVD drive, but other than that I can't think of a drawback to owning this instead. It is tiny and would fit in most any bag I'd carry and I have WiFi at home so I can use it all over the house. Hmmmm...I may have to get one of these (or steal hers!).

Logan's room got a cleanup and makeover yesterday. I had new clothes stacked all over the place because I hadn't really planned on getting so many when I first set up his bedroom. Now it is clean and organized! Feels good!

So....y'all cross your fingers and toes for me re:my computer. I'm hoping that it fixes itself. If NOT, then lets hope that I can get a cheap fix from the Geeks. At least I managed to copy all of my personal files (except for some of my music) before the problems set in. All my pictures and such are safe!

Alright, time to take the dog out and check on Spencer. He's been quiet in the playroom for the past 10 minutes. I wonder if he fell asleep?!


    Spencer Jay and Logan Cage are ready to usher in this holiday season! ♥ ♥ ♥

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